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mail problem

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Hi guys,

I've encountered a really weird problem.

I've written this emailer program that pulls emails addresses from a db that was previously uploaded via csv file based on the contact list selected.

It sends out the emails fine. Whenever I blast out a newsletter, I will send it out to 3 different contact lists, about 1000 email addresses. However, I've been getting feedback that some recipients receive multiple copies of the same email within a span of 2 days. I've removed their email addresses after receiving their request to be removed from the mailing list. However, they still claim to be receiving the multiple newsletters! I've checked the database, their email addresses have been removed from the database.

At first I thought maybe my loop or sql statement was pulling the same contact twice, but i printed out all my results, nope. each email appears only once!

I'm using php mail() to send out the emails in a while loop to retrieve the address from the db.

Could it be the mail server is resending? Or the email addresses are in cache somewhere? I'm stumped. Any idea anyone?

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