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PHP.ini on the mac

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Hiya Ive got a bit of a problem.

For all those that do their web developing wih mac os x this will interest you.

I have a mac osx and develop php mysql and apache web server. I have had trouble locating the php.ini file but after a long search and using my test.php page i found it to be in usr/local/php/lib/php.ini although ive found the location when i change upload_max_filesize=2M to upload_max_filesize=10M[b] [/b][b] [/b]

it doesnt allow me to save it as i am developing an online music video library where MP3 files can be uploaded.

I dnt know what to do next can anyone point me in the right direction

I did not install php it came with the mac so I used TINKERTOOL to show the hidden files so i could edit the php.ini file however it did not let me.

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Did you restart apache after making the changes?

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