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I have a DB where the results of a incentive program are kept.

Each employee who receives a merit goes into this DB. Can someone help me write a query that produces a ranking from the DB. Every Merit produces another entry in the DB so I can count the number of instances f any one employee while in a loop but can seem to create a ranking style output.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm guessing you have a structure similar to this

[code]employee             merit
---------            ----------
emp_id    ----+      id
emp_name      |      award_date
              +---<  emp_id

[code]$sql = "SELECT e.emp_name, COUNT(*) AS merits
        FROM employee e INNER JOIN merit m
        ON e.emp_id = m.emp_id
        GROUP BY e.emp_name
        ORDER BY merits DESC";[/code]

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