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Side project needs opinions/suggestions

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Please have a look at [a href=\"http://oobnews.uk.to\" target=\"_blank\"]http://oobnews.uk.to[/a]

This is my side project ive been working on for a few days.
Simply it is a news website, updated every 15minutes with all the latest news from round the world. Updated 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Yes thats true. This is due to it being fully automated. It finds which articles are the best from many different sources and displays the most relavent. All image selection and resizing is done automatically too.

Its quite simple at the moment. Ive got a few features im working on, such as being able to have a page for each story that will display similar stories on other news websites, yes thats similar to google news but thats not all that will be displayed. Where possible links to audio, video and picture gallerys related to that story will also be displayed.

I can add sections too, so for example the upcoming world cup, im planning to add a section dedicated to that.

Ive only been working on it for a few days, so there are still some issues that need working out. Sometimes the page renders look a bit messed up, this is usually fixed the next time the news is updated, so jsut refresh after 15mins or so n all should be fixed. At time of writing the entertainment section is currently down, although by the time you read this is should hopefully be back up.

Please comment :)


EDIT: Forgot to mention that there is an issue in IE where theres a size shift of the page from the main page to the sub sections. It works pefectly fine in Firefox, only happens in IE. I shall be working to fix this tomorrow after ive had some sleep. Thanks. Joe.

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I'm not seeing that issue. It may be that on the front page you don't have a scrollbar, and on the subsections you do.
Now, visually, it looks like a fairly clean, simple news site. My only issue with it is the fact that it uses tables for a very simple design.
As for that special report-type section, make it a different colour as the menu, maybe giving it a caption of Special Report: The World Cup.

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Ya - looks like a nice clean site.
On the nav in the left - are you going to colour code the sections? You can colour code the headings as a result on the front page - and it will help differentiate the different sections.

Its a bit like google news, and Im not sure it'll take off - but seems to work fairly nice!


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