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newbie Relatinal DB migration from MS Access to MS SQL

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Hi guys

im migrating an Access DB to SQL server, i cant figure out if i can export it somhow which would be amazing.

My problem is that my Access DB has very complex relations and i need to recreate them in an SQL DB, in Access i had Autonumber, is this like Uniqueidentifier, and what counteerpart can i giv it on the other end of the relation 1:m (in the many part).

Can you maybe point me towards some help or tell me what the equivelent of Autonumber is in SQL and what i should use for feilds like address and phone number because there is such a huge choice but some are very similar and its hard to make a choice.

Im using Visual Web Developer, is there an easier way of seeing the relations because its a bit basic. iv been joining them together one by one in table design in Vis Web Dev.

Thanks for any help.

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MS Access has an upgrade utilitly. Run that and it will createyou autonum fields for you. You may need to set up your relationships after running this. Also as caution, check all your fields indexes and key fields and the utility tend to change some fields into something you don't want. But using the tool it saves alot of time in recreating tables.

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