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Printing text vertically imagestringup()

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imagestringup ( resource image, int font, int x, int y, string s, int col )

Does anyone know how to use this thing?
In the context of what I am working on, I am creating an online form, and I need text to be drawn vertically within a table cell. However, I do not understand the official PHP manual in most cases, but once the functions are demonstrated, I "get it."

So in this case, what is an example of how imagestringup would be used?
Also when I have attempted to use imagestringup(), I get a call to undefined function, as if my PHP server didn't know what imagestringup() is. Not sure that maybe if I used it correctly, then I would not have this error, but in the past when I've had this error, the function is either not enabled in php.ini, or no longer exists.

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OK, I've made a little progress. It helps to use my PC as a test PHP server. First of all, I added C:\PHP to the PATH. Then I configured php.ini for GD2. Then I copied all the extension from the zip distribution of PHP 5 into my C:\PHP\ext folder. Now at least I don't get call to undefined function.

So now I am going to start with something like this
imagestringup($image, 1, $x, $y, 'TEXT', $text_color)
I will start plugging in numbers and see what happens.

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Does anyone know what I am supposed to use for the $image variable here?
I seem to get this a lot:

Warning: imagestringup(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\pprs\pilot_pay_review_sheet.php on line 60

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