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PDFlib problems (non-noob)....

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whats up kids? first post on these forums... i tried to search for an answer to this but apparently the search function here is down completely, so i didnt find anything. aaanyways, ive been programming in php for a while now, but never using the pdflib extension. so i picked up a tutorial from sitepoint.com (http://www.sitepoint.com/article/generate-pdfs-php) and it doesnt seem to work. i checked my phpinfo, and i have pdflib 6.0.1, so its not a compatibility issue i dont think, and according to the php manual the code snippet is right... heres my error:

[b]Fatal error: pdf_begin_page(): [2100] PDF_begin_page: Function must not be called in 'object' scope in /usr/local/www/poindexters/public_html/fullcontrol/pdfgen.php on line 9[/b]

and here's line 9:
[b]pdf_begin_page($pdf, 595, 842);[/b]

any help would be greatly appreciated.... oh, im also on apache with php version 4.4.2

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ok, so i realized part of my problem. my version of pdflib needs the pdf_begin_page_ext function; which includes another parameter... problem is, i get the same error! so... how do i call this outside of the object scope?

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