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MSSQL query delaying entire page load

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Alright, let me try and set the scene here:

I am working with 3 servers: a database server (MSSQL) and two webservers (call them web1 and web2).

Web2 needs to pull data from the database server, however, it does not have the mssql extension installed. Web1 does have the extension installed and can therefore query info from the database server.

So, web2 calls a script on web1 (in an include statement) which querys the database and returns the info to web2. I know this is quite a convoluted approach but it works. (I know that it would make much more sense to install the mssql extension on web2, but for the sake of argument lets prentend thats not possible).

Now, the problem is: if the database server has a problem (e.g. web1 cannot connect to it) it delays the entire page load on web2 so that just a blank screen shows until the script craps out. So is there a way to load all of the html and then run that query script, or some other approach that wont leave web2 at the mercy of the database server?

Thanks in advance (if this doesnt make any sense let me know and I will try and clarify)

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