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Search Query wildcard problem

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First up, I'm a bit of newbie when it comes to PHP and MySQL. I've been working on a project which has a MySQL database that the user can search by choosing to enter some or all of three fields in a form on a PHP page, which then, obviously, relate to specific variables and fields in the database.

Previously I had the default values of the variables as '-1' which meant that the results page simply ignored any of the variables that hadn't been filled in. However, now that the 8.0.2 update to Dreamweaver has forced the Type of each variable, it no longer ignores those values and so returns no results. In order to get a correct result I have to fill in all three, I can't just fill in one of the fields.

What do I have to do to regain the functionality of the results page simply ignoring any field that isn't filled in?

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