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Learning PHP

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Im finding learning any new PHP really difficult.

I have learned the basics. members applications and things that use mysql. Im at a point now tho where anything i find as in tutorials is just either to easy to far to hard. So does any one have any suggestions for books etc around this level.

Thank you

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sounds like that tutorials don't really interest you.

what you should do is look up functions that are floating around in your head from the PHP manual and learn what they do and what their extra parameters will allow them to do (tutorials rarely, if ever, tell you these things) so that you build up an intimate knowledge of what is possible with each functions. Then, think of somehing you'd liek to build as a hobby so that you can learn PHP better. this way you can combine learning and fun together and you'll enjoy it. I'd suggest going through most of the [a href=\"http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.strings.php\" target=\"_blank\"]string functions[/a] first.

also, have a look into the security issues with regard to PHP. i don't mean you, but in general, lots of people can code PHP but in almost all the cases i've seen, they are unaware of a lot of security issues, myself included :) learning is never complete :)

i decided to move this post to the Miscellaneous section because it's really more suited there.
Staff: Feel free to move this back to the PHP Help section if you feel this is better suited there.

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Im really more looking for something about building more applications i have done alot aobut strings, arrays all the basics of programming. I have also done cookies , sessions, mysql all that stuff. I have also worked with encription addslashes get magic quotes etc so its really more about building applications that im looking for and something to bridge the gap between what i know and more advanced things.

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