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Help needed with a mambo module

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Posted 07 June 2006 - 08:53 AM


I wonder if anyone could help me with this:

I am setting up an intranet site with mambo open source.
I also use an calendar component (ExtCalendar) wich has a module that shows the 'latest events' (LatestEventsModule).

But,.. i would like to make some changes to how the program works.
By default you can set how many upcoming events you want to show on the frontpage.

What I would like is that is shows only stuff for today.

I think it should be in this part:

$calendarquery = "SELECT e.*,cat,cat_name from #__extcal_events AS e LEFT JOIN #__extcal_categories AS c ON e.cat=c.cat_id
WHERE ( ( ( UNIX_TIMESTAMP(e.end_date) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP('".$EXTCAL_CONFIG['now']."') ) OR ( UNIX_TIMESTAMP(e.start_date) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP('".$EXTCAL_CONFIG['now']."') ) )
OR ( e.end_date = '0000-00-00 00:00:01' ) )
AND c.published = '1' AND approved = '1' AND recur_type = ''
ORDER BY e.start_date,e.title ASC
LIMIT " . $EXTCAL_CONFIG['number_of_events_to_list_upcoming'];\0\0

but i can't figure it out, anyone that could give me a tip?


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