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statement not working (again)


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In all my time developing php apps have i ever encountered so many problems as I have with this project. It has been some time since I last developed anything like this but it is really winding me up as i cannot see where the problems are.


The problem page is here:


[a href=\"http://www.servewales.co.uk/members/register.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.servewales.co.uk/members/register.php[/a]


and it is not supposed to display "you did not specify your first name" unless there is a get variable called action which is set to confirm. Here is the code for this line of text:


<?php if ( $_POST['first_name']  == '' &&  $_GET['action'] == 'confirm'  ) { ?>
You did not specify your first name
<?php } 
if ( ! ($_POST['first_name'] == "") ) {
$v3 = "1";


THe last bit of code just sets a value for $v3 which works fine.



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Have you put any debugging lines in your code so you can see what you are actually testing against?

echo '<pre> $_POST: ' . print_r($_POST,true) . '</pre>'; // debug
echo '<pre> $_GET: ' . print_r($_GET,true) . '</pre>';    // debug
if ($_POST['first_name']  == '' &&  $_GET['action'] == 'confirm') 
    echo 'You did not specify your first name';
if ($_POST['first_name'] != '')
    $v3 = "1";



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Post some of your code so we can help out.


you could try this


if ($_POST['first_name']  == '' &&  $_GET['action'] == 'confirm'){
    echo 'You did not specify your first name';
} else {
echo ' ';
if ($_POST['first_name'] != ''){
$v3 = "1";

use   and not just a space because mose tables will not print a space so you need the code FOR a space to print.



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