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Ok....this is my first real site up on the internet......It uses wordpress and a phpBB3 forum that I put customized the layout and styles for, so that's really the only part i'm looking for critique on.....there are a few things I would like to fix, so I want to see if everyone else sees them too.....Also, the forum layout is just completely broken in safari, and I don't know why. I put it through the w3c page validator and the html checked out ok... so if anyone has any suggestions of how to fix this it would be much appreciated. thanks.




Also,  just for fun if anyone would like to take a look at


it is desperately in need of submissions  :)  That one's just for fun though, no critique necessary, the design is supposed to look a little...raw...  :0

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In certain sections the tables are screwed. ie.





I agree that the 'bar' is rather distracting, I'd suggest taking it out, but that's your choice.


The only other noticable thing is the left navigational links, they seem a little...hmmm...i guess, outdated? They fit well, but I personally didn't like them.


Nice little site you got going, and very little table structure, extra points for CSS :D, good job.

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yeah.....I can't figure out why the forum is all jacked up in safari.....I can't remember if it worked before I  added my stuff to it or not....I'm putting a margin on the main content the width of the navigation section, so I'm confused....that and well cause that's the only browser that does it....also, none of the background colors or images in the tables of the forum are showing up in safari....I'm totally clueless about how to fix it though  :-\  All the different browser displays make me crazy!

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