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Switching servers

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#1 Buyocat

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Posted 09 June 2006 - 02:30 AM

Hi I'm trying to set up my home computer to work as a server however I'm running into a bit of an issue. On my web server I have a file with a series of define()'s where I lay down some configuration stuff. I call this file at the top of a script and then use the values throughout said script as well as other scripts which are called upon by the first one. It looks something like this:

configs <=> index
script2 script3 etc

Anyhow it works fine on the server and I can access the constant variables in script1 (that is one level down ie it calls the script that calls the configs) but I cannot access them from script2. I suspect that there is a switch I need to flip, but I'm not sure what, any suggestions?

After poking around some more I have found that the problem is more bizarre than I previously thought. If I include the config file in troublesome script it still seems to be unable to access the constants. I can echo out the constants and anything else from the config file but as soon as I enter the other script I lose it. I'm really at a loss as to where my data is going, especially considering that in a second script this isn't happening, can someone give me a hand?
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#2 Koobi

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Posted 13 June 2006 - 07:36 PM

you should post some code.

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