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Apache won't start

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3:35am and first attempt to start Apache and it posted this error:


Could not load mod_php4 from file libphp4.so file to garbled or possibly not an Apache Module.


I have followed phpfreaks tutorial \"Installing Apache Web Server + PHP 4 on Linux\" (I\'m using RedHat 7.1)


(I installed MySQL before I installed Apache and PHP 4)


I created the php_install file as such:










can any one give me some direction as to where I can find a solution for this error?





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I fixed it and apache is running with php4...


I want to say that I have bin horsin\' around with this error for 3 days, and from what I see on google search by keying in the error message, it\'s quite a common problem. So here is the link to a website that I located and followed the instructions - took a couple of goes to get to work, NOTE: read it carefully!!




and also here:




I hope that any body else that has this problem will find this post...





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