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You can work yourself up to at least Guru membergroup status and be able to post tutorials yourself.


And, just to clarify how that happens:


Gurus are selected on merit.  For us, it means being active and helpful.  Posting merely to increase post count is frowned on.


So, if you (or anyone) wants to be a Guru, simply do your best to help others.  If you're consistent, we'll notice.

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Here are several requests of mine... I think more people would find these tutorials to be useful.


1: Pretty URL's with URL Routing (Object Oriented)

2: Tag Clouds and Querying Similar Posts (Comma-Separated Values)

3: How to Write a Lightweight MVC


I know there are a lot of these tutorials on the net, but the ones I've found either aren't formatted well, or are very hard to follow.  I really prefer PHPFreaks tutorials over most other websites' tutorials.  Just a few suggestions!

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Are you requesting an OOP Tutorial? We do have a multi-part "OO PHP" Tutorial, as well as a multi-part "Design Patterns" tutorial. If you have read those and still don't understand OOP, perhaps you can be more specific about what you don't understand? Feel free to post asking questions (but not in this forum; go to the Application Design forum)

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Hi. Firstly I am a member of long standing so I am now at the opposite end of the age scale to most of you  - I only started programming in my middle fifties! - so I may be way out on this suggestion.


I have been searching to find a good tutorial to change from MySql to MySqli.


Most of what I find on the net seems to focus on the actual connection.


Making the change to the connection is easy - but from there on everything seems to go haywire.

My site make use of the "get_include_contents(X)" style instead of require(X) that was covered in the php Manual.

Now this does not seem to work (for me anyway).


I favour the procedural style, mostly as I believe I can avoid learning the OOP method (too old to get my head around it now) and that may be the problem.


However, there may perhaps be many others who are starting to face the necessity of changing to MySqli fairly soon - and your expertise will be welcomed I'm sure.


I certainly have benefited from your collective input over the years - for which I give you all my heartfelt thanks.

Thank you for reading this suggestion.

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I have been searching to find a good tutorial to change from MySql to MySqli.

The best place would be php.net/mysqli. That is the documentation for mysqli. Each function has an explanation of what arguments it requires, what it does, what it returns and a code example for how it is used. From there you should be able to convert your the mysql_*  functions to the mysqli_* equivalent functions.

Alternatively you may find http://codular.com/php-mysqli helpful.

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