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Image resize-modify & ZIP

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First... How can I make to add an Image over another (example a .png on an image I upload to my site for example...) and after that make a resized copy on the server... al this automaticaly.. I just upload the pic and the final result is 2 images (one small size, one original size) with my "fingerprint" on it.

And then, if I chose to, how can I zip the pics, automaticaly...

And this are for PHP4 or maby 5 (I'm still not yet decided on my hosting.. :P)

Hope I expressed myself corectly and you can understand...

Anticipated 10x.

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You could look into the functions imagecopyresampled() or imagecopymerge() - Keep in mind that you will need the GD library installed on the server. As for archiving the files, there are a few classes flying about the internet, I've used one called SS_ZIP and it does the job nicely.

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