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MySQL LIKE being case sensitive!

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Hello again,

I\'m stuck again.


I\'ve built a search page for my db. I have a record for the name \"Bill Gates\". If I search for the first name Bill, it finds it. If I search for bill (lower case B) it doesn\'t find it. I\'m using LIKE so it should fing it. Ex:

mysql> SELECT \'abc\' LIKE \'ABC\';

-> 1


But it\'s not working so what the heck is going on????



include \'header.php\';

include \'db.php\';

//Create short variables from POST data

$searchtype = $_POST[\'searchtype\'];

$searchterm = $_POST[\'searchterm\'];

//Trim off whitespace

$searchterm = trim($searchterm);

//Checks for null search

if (!$searchterm || !$searchtype){

echo \'You did not select anything to search for! Please go back and try again.\';



//Add MySQL slashes so as to not destroy the query with bad data. I know this is anal.

$searchterm = addslashes($searchterm);

$searchtype = addslashes($searchtype);

//Query database

$db_query = "SELECT * FROM incident.violators WHERE ".$searchtype." LIKE \'%".$searchterm."%\'";

$db_result = mysql_query($db_query) or die("Error in query:".mysql_error());

$num_results = mysql_num_rows($db_result);

echo \'<p><br /><b>UP Incident Reporter</b></p>\';

echo \'<br /><br />\';

echo \'<div class="h">Search Results</div>\';

echo \'<div class="t">\';

echo \'<p>Nuber of Matches: \'.$num_results.\'</p>\';

//Loop through database results and build table

echo \'<center><table width="80%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"><tr>\';

echo \'<td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Name</b></td>

  <td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Phone</b></td>

  <td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Email</b></td>

  <td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Address</b></td>

  <td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Violation</b></td>

  <td bgcolor="cccccc"><b>Disconnect</b></td></tr>\';

while ($result = mysql_fetch_array($db_result)) {

echo \'<tr>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'firstName\'].\' \'.$result[\'lastName\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'phone\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'email\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'address\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'violation\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'<td>\'.$result[\'disconnect\'].\'</td>\';

echo \'</tr>\';


echo \'</table></center>\';

echo \'</div>\';

echo \'<br /><br /><br /><br />\';

include \'footer.php\';


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Read more about BINARY



mysql>SELECT "a" = "A";

       -> 1

mysql> SELECT BINARY "a" = "A";

       -> 0

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WooHoo! Found the problem. My table field (varchar) was set as BINARY. I changed it to nothing and all is well with the world.

Thanks for your time!

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