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Giving my users a message folder option.

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I am trying to give the users on my page the ability to make their own folders for storing messages.

Now in each messages row I added a column called "box", so that if my users drag their message to the certain folder then it will just update the box column with whiever folder they want it in. That way it is easy for displaying the messages of each folder, by just using a "index.php?box=$box_result" and then a "WHERE box='$box'".

So that is easy. The part I am wondering about is them adding new folders. I could make a table that is just three columns "id", "user_id", "folder". But I have a ton of members and the amount just keeps growing and I am worried that this might get too many entries over time.

Is there a better way? should I not worry? How many rows can mysql handle before getting bogged down?

thanks for any help. If youhave a completly different better way of doing this let me know.


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