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Check my restaurant webpage


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Hi All
I've just designed my first website at...

[a href=\"http://www.bernisnudelbrett.de/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.bernisnudelbrett.de/[/a]

...for a friend's restaurant.
Would like feedback on good points, bad points, so I can improve on the next one.

Look forward to your thoughts!

PS German and Italian versions not in yet as I'm waiting for the translations so direct yourself to the welcome link on the homepage
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What is it with websites with tables today? Never been fond of them, especially for something this simple. Now, this site doesn't validate, which is generally a bad thing for cross-browser compatibility. It also renders well in other browsers, which is also a good thing. However, the way that your menu icons turn into a solid colour on hover, and the fact that you have some very annoying colour-changing paragraphs, just doesn't work.
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#1. Good job on your first website, it looks pretty good.

#2. I have to agree about the rollovers...could have worked a little more on them. What you should do is on the rollover have the image fade out, or have a less opacity. That will atleast give the viewer some sort of visual without being a big block of nothing.

**I also understand that clients can have ideas about what they want, and some of them don't like hearing suggestions about things like that. If a client likes something that doesn't look good or doesn't validate, or whatever you should atleast try and explain to them and see if you can work something out. I have had a few clients that wanted just what they wrote down, and it didn't come out that great...I thought...but they liked it...and they are the ones that hand out the check after it is done. Sorry for the ramble but just something to be aware of.

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thanks for comments! Rollover thing was intentional, but see what you mean, perhaps a bit more subtlety would be good.

As for the first 'tables ' comments. All I can say is at the time of desigining this I didnt know what a div was, let alone getting some beautiful css site up! That'll be on my list for the next one, but good old tables is all I knew three months ago.
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The Navigation Menu - I think you could/should make the images as links aswell as the text.
The Nav menu is also a little confusing. For example - History / Gallery - are these seperate?? Whereas Contact / Us are the same links - its just a little confusing.

Anyways - its a good first website. A good project would be to convert it to css based layout where you can get loads more effects.

On the index page -> [a href=\"http://www.bernisnudelbrett.de/en/index.html\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.bernisnudelbrett.de/en/index.html[/a] the About us Nav icon is red with no image.

Overall - good. Some tweaking would finish it.
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thanks steve

You're right about the CSS. As I'd never used a website before, this last few months have been a learning experience and my next plan is to make a Forum for ENglish language teachers here in Spain where I live (and relating to my actual profession - English Teacher).

So, with this in mind I'm currently reading up a little php and css and toying around with ideas. So much info, it's a new language for me - and a bit of taste of my own medicine - as I tell my students that you only learn by practice. The 'logic' of computer scripts seems harder at the mo than the illogical elements of English as a language!

The issue of gallery and location being in the same columns as other links is an issue, sure, but I thought a suble colour difference would suffice. The square stays as a colour and not a photo when you are on that specific page - this was on purpose, e.g. a red square when on the first page, over the about us line.

I think if I redid the page, I'd have a menu bar on the left rather than taking up vertical space. What someone said earlier about too many text colours...this was the idea of the restaurant owners, don't know if it's too busy, but the idea was for the site to be 'fun'.
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