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Cookie counter

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On my website i have this sms application which is beeing heavily used, so therefore i would like for the number of sent messages for each user to be 5 per day, and no more.

When a user sends an sms, he is redirected to a page that confirms that the message has been sent. That page is called sms-ok.php. On this page i would like to have a cookie based counter. I have found this little script that does the counting:

PHP - Cookie Example 1
<h1>Cookie Example 1</h1>
<font size=+2 face = verdana>
$visitcount = $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["visits"];
if( $visitcount == "") $visitcount = 0;
else $visitcount++;
print "This is visit number " . $visitcount;

Now, does anyone know how i can set the expiration time of this cookie to 24 hours?

And how would i be able to display a message on another page, when the counter has reached 5?

Any help is much appresiated

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to set the expire time of the cookie to 24 hours just insert time()+86400 (number of seconds in 24 hours) as your expire time.

but if you want to limit the number of messages sent per day you shouldn't use cookies. all a user has to do is edit the cookie to show a different number (which is easy). use a database to keep track of messages sent per day.

but if you insist on doing it this way, to display a message when the limit is reached simply do this:

if($_COOKIE['visits'] >=5){

//put your error message here


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Thank you for the reply

Well, using cookies just seems as the easiest way to go about it.

I would like to ask a few more questions if that's alright.

If i do not set an expiration time on the cookie, how long will it last??

The thing you mentioned about the database seems like a lot of work. I hope i'm not being too demanding, but would you care do explain a little bit on how do accomplish this?

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