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sometimes works and sometimes not

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i have a problem with a code. the problem is very weird because this code actually works but sometimes it doesnt. I checked the code for hrs but could not find a problem with it.
The code basicly does some database updates on the recent data. updates a few fields...
The code actually says that it has updated but sometimes when you go check it from the database, it did not!
I'm using MS SQL 2000 on a windows 2003 server, installed 4.4.0.
I'm giving all these info because i started to think that its a database problem since the code sometimes work. Did anyone experienced this kind of problem, pls let me know. thanks


        echo "<table align='center' border='0' cellpadding='6' cellspacing='3'>";
        echo "<td height='406' valign='center' align='center'>";

        $itemCode = $_GET['itemCode'];
        $custID = $_GET['custID'];
        $jobID = $_GET['jobID'];
        $serial = $_GET['serial'];
        $eqid = $_GET['eqid'];
        //$myobno = $_GET["myob"];
        $custname = $_GET["custname"];
        $custref = $_GET["custref"];
        //$pdate = $_GET["purchaseDate"];
        echo $itemCode; echo "<br>";
        echo $jobID;echo "<br>";
        echo $serial;echo "<br>";
        echo $eqid;echo "<br>";
        echo $custname;echo "<br>";
        //$jobInvoiceStatus = $_GET['jobInvoiceStatus'];

        // Query database
        $query = "Update JobEquipment SET jobID='$jobID', jobInvoiceStatus='Not Yet Invoiced', custname='$custname', custreference='$custref', sold='1' where (itemCode = '$itemCode') and (serial = '$serial') and (equipID = '$eqid')";
        $result = mssql_query($query, $link);
        //$row = @mssql_fetch_array($result);

        //if there were no errors ($result  == true or has a value)
        if ($result)
            echo "<h3>Success ! \n";
            echo "<p>Item( $itemCode ) with serial: $serial has been added to the job.";
            echo "<p><a href='serials.php'>To Equipment/Serials Page</a> \n";
            echo "<p><a href='job.php?jobID=$jobID'>Back to Job</a> \n";

        //start of decrease quantity

        if ($jobID!="")
        $querysee = "SELECT * FROM Inventory where (itemCode = '$itemCode')";
            $resultsee = mssql_query($querysee, $link);
            //$rowsee = @mssql_fetch_array($resultsee);
            while ($rowsee = @mssql_fetch_array($resultsee))
                    //    if ($itemCode==$row["itemCode"])
                    //    {    
                            $queryminus = "UPDATE Inventory SET quantity='$quantity' where itemCode='$itemCode'";
                            $resultminus = mssql_query($queryminus, $link);
            // end of decrease quantity
            echo "<h2>Database encountered errors with what was input<br>";
        echo "</td>";
        echo "</table>";


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If it's working on and of maybe check out $link and make sure it isn't getting mixed up with a different connection if you have more db's on the same server.

Other than that is it completely random when it doesn't work?

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I don't know what your problem is, but you shouldn't update your database with your variables like that. first off, you should be using $_POST['blah'] instead of $_GET['blah'] and you should be passing your vars with method='post' in your form.

2nd, you should sanitize your variables before using them in queries, with something like this:

$blah = msyql_real_escape_string($_POST['blah']);

a simpler method if you have a lot of variables is to do like this:

foreach($_POST as $key => $var) {
   $$key = mysql_real_escape_string($var);

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