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Object Relational Mappers

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Hey guys, long time LAMP developer first time poster. Im looking into Object Relational Mappers for PHP 5/MySQL 5 and I see quite a few but I'm wondering which to go with. Please respond if you've actually used one of them or know someone who has. I'm really interested in hearing your input. I'm looking for one that is simple and widely used- those are my criteria. I dont need one that has a thousand features I will never use or one that very few people have actually heard of. Thanks everyone!


    * CoughPHP [44] Open Source ORM for PHP 5 featuring code generation (FreeBSD license)

    * Doctrine [45] Open Source ORM for PHP 5.2.3, free software (GNU LGPL)

    * ezPDO [46] A Simple Solution for PHP Object Relational Mapping and Data Persistence

    * eZ PersistentObject [47] ORM implementation inspired by Java Hibernate (New BSD)

    * Junction [48] Open-source, object persistence layer (MIT)

    * ORMer [49] Open Source, foreign key based ORM for PHP 5, free software (MIT License)

    * Outlet ORM [50] Open Source ORM for PHP 5, very lightweight and easy to use, free sofware. (New BSD)

    * Phpmyobject [51] Free software ORM for PHP 5.2 featuring code generation implementing Object persistence layer, memcache, PDO based on active record(GPL)

    * Porte [52] Open source PHP 5 ORM - simple, feature rich and elegant plugin-based architecture. (BSD License)

    * Propel [53] ORM and Query-Toolkit for PHP 5, inspired by Apache Torque, free software (GNU LGPL)

    * SilverStripe [54] free PHP5-based ORM integrated with a MVC framework and content management system. (BSD license).

    * Xyster Framework [55] Open source application framework with ORM package based on the data mapper pattern. Extension of Zend Framework (modified BSD license)

    * PHP Database Objects [56] Open Source ORM for MySQL 5 which uses meta informations to create classes dynamically. (BSD License)

    * PHP Object Generator (POG) [57] ORM code generator (BSD) for PHP 4, PHP 5 and compatible with PDO


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I've used (and still use) Doctrine and I like it a lot. Especially the built-in support for the modified preorder tree traversal algorithm is pretty handy. Propel is another popular one, but I haven't used it myself. If I'm not too wrong then I believe that symfony uses propel.

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Looks pretty good Daniel- Thx! I'll do some research on it. Anyone have any other ideas/experiences?

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Symfony has supported Propel, but currently also supports Doctrine, which will be officially bundled with their next release.


I'm currently using Doctrine. I like a lot, plenty of features nice CI features as well, just a bit on the slow side and pretty expensive. Same probably goes for any ORM I'm afraid though.


As for simple to use: it takes a little getting used to, but if you're used to working with Zend Framework, it takes considerably less effort. Beware that Doctrine isn't very defensively programmed though. If you misuse it, chances are it will fail without obvious reason (though I am a bit spoiled in this regard). So keep the docs by your side at all times :)

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