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displaying results problem

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this is my code


//select which database you want to edit

$result = @mysql_query("select * from gallery");




   echo "$id <br> $name <br> $src ";


Nothing is showing up at all, no errors. when i remove the "@"s then i start getting errors like:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/chuddyuk/public_html/grange/gallery/index.php on line 12

but i cant understand this. ive done this loads of times and its worked. anyone know y nothing shows up now?

any help is much appriciated!!!

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The @ symbol is error suppression and should be used EXTREMLY sparingly, unlike what you have there. You should be using "or die("some message")" after mysql_query calls.

That error is the result of a bad SQL query. Maybe you don't have a table called gallery or maybe you're not connected to the database.

You might want to read the "annoying errors" section of the FAQ found in the BIG RED LINK in my signature.

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