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Indexing and select distinct for the indexed field

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Hello everyone,


Let us assume we have a table


create table T (id int unsigned primary key auto_increment, php int);

create index i_php on T(php);


Now let us insert 2 million rows into this table with php being numbers from 1 to 5. Thus we have just 5 distinct values.


And now the problem: when I execute one of the following


select distinct php from T


select php from T group by php


it takes about 2 - 3 secs on my system to return the 5 indexed values but it must have taken just fractions of a second to lookup index and return 5 values. Where is the problem? Can anyone share his/her knowledge of how to make it read directly the indexed values?


Any comments are welcome.



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I don\'t think you\'re right, since your query still have to look through the entire index.


But a:


select id where php = \'5\';


would be about 1/5 of the normal time, since the index would be used. You should probably have another coloumn \'php2\' widht random values from 1 to 5 and then see the speed difference to find specific rows, i.e.


1. where php = \'5\' would be a LOT faster than

2. where php2 = \'5\' because php2 wasn\'t indexed.


Maybe I\'m wrong - I\'m not strong on indexes - but look around in




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