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server set up q's from stressed out dude

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After a successful interview yesterday I'm going to have to face a couple of questions I'm not sure of the answers too. I'm in a bit of a panic about this as the boss expects me to buy a new server tommorow, on my first day in a new job!!

I've set up web server in my home before but not a commercial one. Got a few questions about the general server set up. Might have overstretched myself a little here. unsure.gif

This is for a company that runs email campaigns, I know I know It sounds like a spammer but some people actually tick those boxes wanting more information. No viagra either I swear!! Please don't dump me here as I really need some advice.

I've got to write a mass emailer and CMS which is no probs and set up the servers. Im a little rusty on that one. And I've not worked on someting this size before without another techie to be the lead. I want to use PHP and MySQL.

The're talking about millions of records to upload from CSV's and mass mailing opt in mailing lists.

Here's what I need to know;
*How would you recommend the server or servers be set up? One server for apache, one for MySQL and as for Authoritive (spelling?) DNS I've not had to set that up before but have read up on it in the past.
*How long do you think it's take to upload a million records? (just an estimate)
*Im thinking of trying to keep the number of records per table to 1 million is that a reasonable estimate?
*The server will have little web traffic but will spend most of its time uploading customer data and sending out emails. How many records would you guess the max per table should be?
*What is you estimate on number/rate of emails that can be sent on a shiny, and I'm guessing top spec, new server.
*Got to have a mail server in there too.

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