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Problem with an {if} statement

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    $brokerage = "{listing_field_ListingOfficeID_value}";
    if ($brokerage != "999"){
        echo "<p>foo</p>";
        echo "brokerage=$brokerage";
    } else {
        echo "<p>my broker</p>";
        echo "brokerage=$brokerage";
?> [/code]

I am trying to get it to work within an Open Realty template and {listing_field_ListingOfficeID_value} is one of the fields you can place on the page within the templating system. It appears to be parsing the PHP, but I can't ever get it to behave like I need it to. I've tried single & double quotes around the $brokerage assignment and comparison in the if statement.

I've tried using == to compare instead of !=. Switching the comparison does switch which code is executed, but the statement never evaluates like I need it to. When it echoes the $brokerage variable to the page, it is always correct...but the comparison does not appear to be correct.

What I am trying to get it to do is check the ListingOfficeID, and if it is not mine then it will display a logo denoting that it is listed by another broker.

Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong?

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Edit: actually now that I think about it. At the time of the if-statement comparison, your $brokerage variable is still translated as {listing_field_ListingOfficeID_value}, not a number.

but when you echo it it is then parsed into your ID such as 999. So that is a pretty complex problem, and I'm not sure how you can code a work around for it. I may have to tinker some more to figure that out :p

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