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MYSQL Categories with corresponding food items

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My first posting, YEAH!!

How would you create the following from MYSQL:

Potato Skins
Chicken Ceasar
Main Meals
Prime Rib

.... Until all the categories and food items are complete and in their right category...
I want all appetizer foods under the appetizer heading and so forth.
I do not know how many categories there are with different menus so I cannot
make separate query calls.... I know I have to use while loops, but I am having problems
repeating the category name than food item than category name than food item. It does not
do it once for each category.... I figure COUNT AS will come into play... but I am lost on this one

Hope you can help....

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I am a little confused on what you are trying to do, can you re-explain, and post the current code you have been playing with for this, if any.

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