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Intermitent failure of include_once

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I'm not sure this is a a PHP 5 problem or not, I just know I get the problem on one of our servers running PHP 5 and I don't get it on one running PHP 4.

The problem manifests when trying to run phpDocumentor via it's GUI sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't! After clicking the create button it displays parsing files... and hangs.

After adding in many debug "echos" I have discovered that it dies in

The most common problem line is

Although sometimes it gets past that and dies on a later include_once.

When it hangs echos before that statement output, echos after that statement or in TutorialHighlightParser.inc do not output.

There are no relevant messages in the php log file to suggest any failure and clicking the create button again will hang or work - seemingly at random.

This is all on one of our servers running PHP 5.0.3 and Apache 2.0.54. On a different server (which is not where the files I want to document are) running PHP 4.3.9 and Apache 2.0.52 things seem to work fine.

Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can check or alter to get this up and going?

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I suggest you compare your php.ini files. In any case you should upgrade to a new php5 version

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