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Somewhere for general chat.

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The biggest problem with PHP freaks forums, in my humble opinion, is that it is TOO focused on what it is.

There are a small group of people who will sit here and answer questions, and the majority of users who come along, ask their question and scoot off again... why?

I think it's probably because there is nowhere to just chat, everything is PHP related. What about a "non-php" forum, where we can discuss whatever else our nerdy little minds want.

For example... what does the X mean in ATI graphics, and on my new notebook what is the difference between the x200 (the one I have got) and the m200 (the one I was going to get), I would love to ask it here and chat to some of the lovely guys and gals: but instead I have to go hunting for a graphics cards forum (they all suck btw - don't bother).

Anyway, cheers for listening/reading =P and if anybody happens to know about my graphics while they're reading my suggestion... ;-)

<3 DeadOnArrival

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You could try our Miscellaneous forum, you can chat about anything in there :)

With regards to the X in the ATI X-Series cards, I believe it denotes that the GPU has native PCI-Express support. Dont know much about ATI's onboard chipsets so can't offer much help there, although I know that the m200 allows you to dedicate some of the system memory for graphics, ontop of its 128MiB dedicated memory, does the x200 do that?

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