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converting a mysql entry to a text by PHP

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i have a webpage with mysql .. it contains lyrics .. now lyrics get too big so this makes server to overload sometimes .. my friend having an idea that we can convert these mysql entries to a single txt files \"Artist Name - song name\".. have any script or does anybody know a way to do this ?? i only know simple PHP commands so if you can explain or write a script for me , i will be pleased ...


mysql entries like that

id Views pending_reports Track Title Artist Album Year Genre Comment Composer Orig_Artist Copyright URL Encoded_by UploadBy lyric date



so i want file names as artist - title . and this txt will contain other things like lyrics, year,album

thanks for helps...

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No MySQL server would crash displaying song lyrics. MySQL could probably hold all the lyrics to all the songs for the past 10 years and still have room for more info! I think your problem goes far beyond any DB probs, your code must be keeping conns open or opening too many. Request what you\'re trying to do more clear and me, or the people here and you get the help you need.




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