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I am an idiot in need of help

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Ok, I am a newbie and I have installed a date script but cannot figure out haw to call it on my html page. I would greatly appreciate somebodys help. The script works on http://www.cheapwebsitedesign.net/textclock.pl but I can\'t call it on my html page at http://www.cheapwebsitedesign.net/clock.html nor at http://www.cheapwebsitedesign.net/clock.shtml. Here is what the FAQ page says ( it makes no sense to me):


Short Answer:





<!--#exec cgi=\"/url/path/to/counter.pl\"-->

<!--#include virtual=\"/url/path/to/counter.pl\"-->






<!--#exec cgi=\"/url/path/to/counter\"-->

<!--#include virtual=\"/url/path/to/counter\"-->



Long Answer:


This program requires the use of Server Side Includes. This means that if your system is enabled to handle Server Side Includes, you will probably have to rename your pages to end in .shtml. You will then have to use a standard Server Side Include call like the one shown above.


However, if you have renamed your CGI program counter.cgi so it is compatible with your server, just change counter or counter.pl above to counter.cgi.


Can somebody please tell me how to call this script in my html page in easy to follow step by step instructions?



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