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Just found out they made an official announcement on their blog:




Beta release tomorrow... I just hope it will not be an infinite beta like Gmail is.


I am unimpressed and unconcerned. It may be a decent product, but I very much doubt that it will get to be a force of any kind in the near future.


Here is a quote from Slashdot:


I imagine the first question on everyone's mind will be, "Why do we need a new web browser?" To which I imagine the truthful answer is: "We don't. At least not for technical reasons."


I believe what Google is looking to accomplish is to trade on their brand name in an attempt to further dislodge Internet Explorer.


Remember when AOL purchased Netscape? AOL didn't care about the browser in the slightest. They wanted Netscape for the brand name. To the vast majority of users, Netscape was the Internet.


Google has since taken that place. Google is the Internet to many people. So much so that Google has felt compelled to to prevent the genericizing of their mark.


In this particular case, however, the strength of their mark works to Google's advantage. They have already convinced millions of users to install their desktop software. If they can further convince millions of users to install and use their browser, they can cause enough of a disruption to finally remove IE's leadership in the browser market. Especially given the solid work already done by FireFox, Opera, and Safari. With only another 10% marketshare loss on the whole, even the most stubborn websites will be forced to support third party browsers. And once they support third party browser, it will be very little time before the technological superiority of the alternative browsers causes them to add special features not available for Internet Explorer users.


It will be Netscape vs. Internet Explorer all over again. Except that instead of two giants fighting it out, it will be Microsoft against everyone else. And when everyone else happens to be giants in their own right, Microsoft's prospects will start looking rather grim.


In effect, this move is a blow aimed squarly at Redmond. Not for the purposes of truth, justice, and the freedom of all mankind; as I'm sure many will imagine. Rather, for the purpose of hitting back at Microsoft for their attempts to leverage their monopoly in promoting MSN Search over Google. The only difference is that Google Search is a good product and it is entrenched. Internet Explorer hasn't been a good product since Microsoft stopped developing it nearly 8 years ago (piss-poor upgrades pretending to be standards-compliant not withstanding), and its entrenchments are slowly falling to competition.


I think those a good arguments.

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I must admit, after reading the comic and learning more about the new ideas implemented in the Chrome browser, I am intrigued. I stand before you a changed man. Well. Not quite, but I'm interested, anyway. I think the part I'm most looking forward to is the separate memory space for each tab - hopefully their claim of less memory bloat is realized.


As a few have already mentioned, though, I won't be ready to make the move until I see a way to analyze the DOM, watch JS execution, and analyze requests and responses a la Firebug, and streamline the pages I look at a la AdBlock Plus.


And, of course, until it stabilizes.

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So, everything I've read cites http://gears.google.com/chrome as the official download/information point (besides the Google blog, of course), and that link still kicks back to their home page. I can only hope that it is just a redirect until they're ready to launch the full download. I've been keeping my eye on this, and I'm very interested to get some "hands on" time with some of the functionality and integration with Gears and other Google tools. Definitely looks like a new dev toy to me! ;)

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