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group same package with different expire day

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i have developed a program to group package, serial no. and expire day of package. but i face one issue, during group by same package name but the expire day is different. the program will group it as a same package without differentiate the expire day.

below is the my coding that group different package with different expire day.

$result3 = mysql_query("SELECT package, serialNo, expireDay FROM orderdetail WHERE resellerID = '$resellerID' AND orderNo='$orderNo' order by package, serialNo");

$data = array();

while (list($p, $s, $e) = mysql_fetch_row($result3))
echo $data[$p][] = $s;

foreach($data as $pkg => $s_array)
$num = count($s_array);
$serial= listSerNums($s_array,0);
$resultvalue = mysql_query("select package, valuedesc, pricePerUnit from batch a, prepaidcard b where a.batchNo = b.batchNo and b.serialNo in ($serial)") or die(mysql_error());
$rowvalue = mysql_fetch_array($resultvalue);

function listSerNums($sers, $n)
$i = 1;
$j = 1;
$x = count($sers);
foreach ($sers as $s)
if ($j++ == $x)
$res .= $s;
$res .= $s . ', ';
if ($n != 0)
if ($i++ % $n == 0) $res .= '<br />';
return $res;

The result data for $result3 is as below : -
package serialNo expireday
pr_unlimited 1000 1
pr_unlimited 1001 1
pr_unlimited 1010 7
pr_unlimited 1011 7
pr_Oneday 1020 1
pr_Oneday 1021 1

How to group the package as below : -
package expireday serialNo
pr_unlimited 1 1000,1001
pr_unlimited 7 1010,1011
pr_Oneday 1 1020,1021

Please advise. Thanks.

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i thort i have my say that i got meny friends in php that expire there programs via a session.
if that helps.
only an idear

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