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Installing phpBB3 and Zen-Cart

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Hey guys,


I am using the Business Package from 1&1. It's a shared server but I wanted to customize the PHP to make it more secure to run Zen-Cart and phpBB3.


The two things I need to change is register_globals and PHP Output Buffering (gzip). I was told to create a php.ini file and that I would receive no further support in this issue by 1and1. I did some research and from what I have read, I am to create a php.ini file and place it in the directory (/site-directory/store/) with the following code in it:


register_globals = 'off';

output_buffering = 'on'


I added those two lines in a .ini file and named the file php but even after uploading it, the installation check still says Register Globals is On and GZip is off.


Can someone help me turns Register Globals off and GZip on for a Shared Hosting package running on an Linux Apache 1.3.34 Webserver with PHP 4.4.9 running in CGI mode?


Thanks in advance!

- Jason H.

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