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[SOLVED] Count down postings remaining for user


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I am trying to update the amount of postings remaining down everytime a user posts so if the user had a limit of 200 posts then when the user posts it counts down by 1 and updates the table field for that user to 199.


Now the error that I am getting is that it does not count down correctly and puts 20 instead and then the next time the user posts after that it will put 0.


$remain = mysql_query("SELECT postings_remaining FROM ".TBL_USERS." WHERE username = '$session->username' limit 1");
	$postings = $remain; //Count the number of postings remaining the user has
	$postingsremain = $postings - 1; //Remove 1 to the users posting remainings
	$sqlcountdown = mysql_query("UPDATE ".TBL_USERS." SET postings_remaining = '$postingsremain' WHERE username = '$session->username'");


If someone can help me with this function I would very much appreciate it.

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