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Tables, PHP and DreamWeaver MX

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I\'m relatively new to PHP, but not Dreamweaver. I work at a university and recently I was charged with the task of setting up an online academic journal. That was all fine, but I\'ve noticed that once a table gets populated by live PHP data my tables are shifting ever so slightly, like by one pixel, off centre. I, and others, have been through the code several times but can find no problem whatsoever. We use a lot of nested tables, but all the maths adds up as we use fixed table sizes. Has anyone got any suggestions as we are due to \'go live\' with the journal in a couple of weeks.




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hi there,


how do you position the tables ? do you use Layers (ie CSS) or did you just dump them into the code.


If you use CSS (which I guess you do, as you know DW a bit), it might be worthwhile having a play with the settings.


Just a thought.



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