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mark s

Help Please?

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I'm new to GD and ive been playing around to get a feel,
Its not as easy as i may have thought.

I have managed to shrink pictures, (Thumbnails), and add a water mark.
But only 1 image per php page.

I have had some problems getting my head around
displaying any GD images with HTLM code, but im making small advances.

Anyways after reading up about GD and getimagesize i came across
this piece of code.

Original [u]http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.getimagesize.php#36452[/u] Author janoma_cl
his comments are included.

[code]Please use the link above?
As i'm unable to include the code in this post.
Error The resource cannot be displayed 406[/code]

Ive been trying almost all day trying to make it work?
Or make it useable.

I would like to get it working so i can understand whats happeing,
and learn more.

I believe the code above to be working but its me that's making the mistakes?
I have become confused, and lost.

I have copied and pasted the code into a php file.
ive also included before the thumbnail function
$file = '/temp/car.jpg';

I have tried many diffrent variations, but i cant get the above to work.
If some one could help it would be most appreciated.

Do i have to have 2 files?
one for the html and one for the function??

Thanks in advance for any help.


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