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some things will load, others wont

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I am running apache and have PHP installed and MYSQL.

What i am doing is building a database of all the 3000 some odd dig photos i\'ve taken basically to allow people (family and friends) to browse my collection. I have it set up so the index.php page will take 1 or 2 \"category\" arguments from the user and then compare that to the database and return thumbnails of all photos which agree...

well it all works perfectly fine for me running it from my computer, but when i use another computer to check to see if it works it won\'t..sometimes, it\'ll work perfectly fine one minute, then another only certain categories will work and the others will give me an error page. I have had my friends try it and sometimes it all works fine, other times they have these problems and the crazy thing is i haven\'t done a thing to it from when it works to not! and even when tehy say it isn\'t working, it\'ll work fine for me on my computer (the server computer)!

ANY IDEAS????? I\'ve reset the servers and that doesn\'t seem to do anything

any help or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated




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