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textarea formatting

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we use the below line in a form to initialize a textarea with $NOTE which is the gotten from a database query in mysql. the first line is indented about 1/2 the textarea width. all other lines are fine. As far as we know, there are no tabs or other formatting characters in the textarea.

we tried to use echo trim($NOTE) but that does not solve the issue. the contents of the
field is not indented. we get the value by $NOTE=$ROW[NOTE};

[!--coloro:#FF6666--][span style=\"color:#FF6666\"][!--/coloro--][b]<tr><td width="664" COLSPAN="2"><textarea name="NOTE" rows="20" cols="85" tabindex="1"> <?php echo $NOTE;?></textarea></td>[/b][!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--]

We tried the php forum, but dod nopt got what we expected, so perhaps it is an html issue.



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Umm, try replacing "<?php echo $NOTE;?>" with a literal. Take the literal text from $NOTE and place it there and see if you get the same results.

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I've been working on creating a PHP forum and I just added my edit post featuer to it. The code for a specific spot goes like this...

[code]                <textarea name="message" cols="70" rows="15" wrap="soft" maxlength="500">
                    <?php echo $_POST['message']; ?>

When I tested it I found that I had a huge space infront of my message. Sound familliare? Its because I have 5 tabs after the opening <textarea> tag and it traslated over to the inside of my box. I got rid of the spaces and it works fine now.

Do you have any space? eg.
[code]<textarea attributes=""> {white space or an enter} </textarea>[/code]

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