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Help With Query to Multiple Tables

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As the post states I am fairly new to PHP. I am working on a database in MS SQL and what I am trying to do is use a PHP web page to pull data from it. The original script works to pull from one table, but now I need it to pull from 3 seperate tables.

The database stores:

1. list of instructors = tblInstructors
-Instructor id = eeid
- instructor first name = fname
- instructor last name = lname
2. list of Classes = tblSchedule
-Course id = id
- instructor name = fname
- start date = Date
-end date = EndDate
3. the survey responses = tblPostClassSurvey
- 12 different survey question fields
- survey id = id
- course id = CourseID

I need all the results from post class survey, but only of the name of the instructor which is stored in the php variable $instructor, and the date grouped by the date. Unfortunately I do not have the code I have used so far here at home, but a point in the right direction will help. I found several resources that used the join option and pulling my fields with dot notation (ie: tblSchedule.id) but that does not return anything. Any help woul dbe great help.


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It's more then a database question then a php problem I think. You could use a query like:

SELECT tb1.id,tb2.id,tb3.id FROM tb1,tb2,tb3 WHERE tb1.id=tb2.id
where in this code tb1 stands for table names. You could use such a query. Or It seems that you have some where clauses which use some values pulled from db. You could such a query:
SELECT id FROM tb1 WHERE id IN ( SELECT id FROM tb2 WHERE id IN ( SELECT id FROM tb3 WHERE fname='myname' ) )
id will take values which the in statement returns and if our in statement return 2 and 3 our code will be like:
SELECT id FROM tb1 WHERE id = 2 OR id = 3

Is this helps?

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