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dynamic navigation PHP/MySql

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Hi all,

I hope somebody can help me with the folowing:

I'm trying to create a pulldown-navigation which is build enterily dynamic from a MySql database
I've got two tables in MySql, one with the main navigation options, and one with the pulldown options.
The first thing i do is to create a repeat on the first table, which will give me with the main options in my navigation bar. No problem so far.
Now i have to bind the right suboptions to the corresponding main option... and that's where the trouble starts.

In my second MySql table i have a cell with the mainoption-positon which to relate to.
How do i bind this to the right mainoption? Right know i'm using a nested repeat loop inside of the main-loop, but this is probably not the right way to go...
My guess is i should use some kind of 'JOIN'? Unfortunately my MySQL knowledge stops just about there....

Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

thanks grtz, Holly

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I found another way to solve my problem. I've build my submenu-query according to the pulldown 'id' which is counting from 1 till the number of total main navigation options.

If you have the answer the 'JOIN' way; i'd like to hear that anyway. I think that way is prettier and resource friendlier.

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