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running a localhost on a windows workstation

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My computer at work (my day job - no tech experience required) runs Win98 and is connected with the network. I\'m not sure what the server is running, but I think it is a Unix system.


Anyway, my question is this: I want to install Apache as a localhost only on my computer with php and mysql. Is there any possability this could cause problems with my network connection, settings, etc?


I\'m sure the Admin would not allow me to install php and mysql on the server (even if he did, it would be like 3 years before anything would get done) and if he knew the answer to the above question it would take at least a year for him to respond to my e-mails. I\'de get a one-on-one meeting with the president before I\'de get the opportunity to ask him in person. (can anyone guess why he is so elusive?)


If anyone could provide any input, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I\'m stuck using MS Access. (I have MS Office SBEdition so I have to develope at home and am stuck with limited usability at work). Not pretty!

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i haven\'t used apache in a windows environment - but my instinct is no. as long as you configure it to listen to localhost it should not cause any problems.


what do they use the unix server for? a file server? see if you can get more info and talk them into it... phase out ms access - i\'m working on it at my workplace :wink:

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