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Quick critique


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The extra space on the left within a list is padding, if using an unordered list for example, set ul {padding:0} will get rid of it.


Oh... that's why I was trying: li {padding:0} :blush:




I moved the site centered as someone suggested, and I added a background. Comments anyone? Also, the first 3 menu items on the left menu are done so you can tell me how it looks with different content.. Just keep in mind I'm converting a site, not designing from scratch :P




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This will be my last bump of this...


I have gotten about 80% of the site done.


I have most of the left side menu items done, none of the top ones though.


Can ya'll click a few and see if the site seems ...appropriate... cosmetics, etc...


Also, look at the training schedule/calendar...


lemme know...



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As I'm clicking on the left menu, from top to bottom, once I get to "Irrigation...", the address on top of that menu, the line spacing or something spreads, causing the whole menu to shift down.


The top menu look much better than before.

which browser? I don't see it in ff3 or ie6.1...

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AV, I think you did a good job.  Everything looks clean and professional.  As far as the top tap menu, it works fine in IE7 and FF3.  It may be my computer/connection, but the top tab menu takes about 3-4 seconds to load each one.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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