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Just curious, what info exposed could really compromise security? Sure, a hacker would have more information on hand about my server, but I only see this being a problem if my software is out of date and known exploits can be determined...oh, I guess that it is a security risk.


:thumbsup: ;)

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i've got a mysqli_socket but then mysqli.default_host has no value and the Client API library version is 5.0.24


not sure if this information is helpful to you or not but that is what's under mysqli


So long as it lists anything regarding mysqli, I'll be all set.  I could do it the normal mysql way (like we did for the test script), but mysqli has a couple of features which saves me a little bit of work.  It's a bit more secure, for one, with its prepared statements.  And it automatically escapes potentially dangerous characters without me having to call mysql_real_escape_string() for every inputted value.


One last value to check: There should be something within the PHP Core ini which says 'magic_quotes_gpc'.  Can you tell me if that's on or off?  You should be able to find it by searching for that value ('magic_quotes_gpc') directly.

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the magic_quotes are turned off


Okay, good.


I'm ~90% complete.  I do need one extra thing from you, which I think I asked for before we got sidetracked with all of the issues in getting connected to the database.


I need an empty website page.  It needs to have the look and feel of your other pages (so, same layout, navigation, etc), but without any specific content within it.  I need it for two reasons:


1. To display any errors that may occur to the user.

2. To display a "Thank you for signing up" message.


Having pages like this will both inform the user of the status of their submission and allow them to continue navigating through your site.

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