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I have not built anything big with PHP yet, I am starting to plan an application right now.
My question is for long documents with multiple paragraphs (headings, lists and more) should I store them as xml documents on the server and have a link to that data in mySql and just change the XML file?

Or should I store all of the data in a mySQL database and turn process it as xml once the data is returned?

Or should I store the content as XML files in the database?

The content will be generated from a Control Panel so I will have to write the application to save the content the way I want. I am only in the planning stages now but I would like to go the best rought from the start. This Application will be Object Oriented as well.

Some things I have been weighing about this.
If I create the application to save XML files on the Server I could have an issue with data integrity.
(is this true?), but I could create backups of the data to run as cron jobs. (And accessing the files would be much faster)

If I store the data in the database it could slow down my site, I do not think this would be that significant, but I really don't know cause I have never created, something like this from scratch.

Or is the best bet to save XML into the database and deliver and change it that way?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do ?...

The application will be used to deliver the same content to both a flash based interface and an html based interface, and elements will need to be styled accordingly of course.

The content must be delivered via XML.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Thank You

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