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Help! MySQL uninstall problem...

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My redhat distro came with MySQL 3.20 and it doesnt seem to work. when I try to install the MySQL 4.0 RPM it says (basicly) \"some files allready exist\". So I tried to uninstall MySQL 3.20 and it said it cant because of dependencies. Then I removed all dependencies execept one because that one was depended on another.


Now I am stuck in a loop, package1 depends on package2 and vice versa. Does anyone know what I should do?

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hah, just dug yourself into a rut


in the first place , you ALWAYS install/update an rpm with \"rpm -Uhv (you could use freshen if you\'re upgrade if you want) package.name.rpm\" that would just update it; in other words you wouldnt get the errors that rpm -i would if you were just installing a newer version of an existing package (as you did).


also, in your current positition, use \"rpm -ev --nodeps mysql3.20.packagename\" that should take care of things. then just \"rpm -Uhv\" the 4.0 rpm and you should be good to go :lol:

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