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Posted 19 June 2006 - 07:52 PM

Hi, Can anyone help with this little array problem?

i have 2 scripts check_holiday_costings.php and check_holiday_costings2.php. i am attaching both scripts here.

In particular i have problem with check_holiday_costings2.php and with header. in this scripts i m passing some headers to my database.

here is a header code


while (list($key, $value) = each ($pass_first_name))
    //$holiday_search.="NME    ".$_SESSION["pass_title"][$i]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_first_name"][$i]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_surname"][$i]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_day"][$i].$_SESSION["pass_month"][$i].$_SESSION["pass_year"][$i]."    ".stripslashes($room_allocation[$i])."    ".$room_group_number."
    $holiday_search.="NME    ".$_SESSION["pass_title"][$key]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_first_name"][$key]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_surname"][$key]."    ".$_SESSION["pass_day"][$key].$_SESSION["pass_month"][$key].$_SESSION["pass_year"][$key]."    ".stripslashes($final_room_description[$room_allocation[$key]])."    ".$room_group_number."

now in check_holiday_costings2.php this header is not sending final_room_description and room_group_numbetr as these are Array and i understood that i need to create session in check_holiday_costings.php so i can use this varibale here.


after this code i tried to create an session for final_room_descriptiona and room_group_number but is not working.

i am attaching a script so you can work it your self. In short in check_holiday_costings2.php NME header is not working.

if you can help me a solve this error. I am junior programmer in PHP and only have little knowledge. If you can also suggest some tutorila or some good books.

[a href=\"http://alloneweb.co.uk/PHPrp/check_holiday_costings.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://alloneweb.co.uk/PHPrp/check_holiday_costings.php[/a]
[a href=\"http://alloneweb.co.uk/PHPrp/check_holiday_costings2.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://alloneweb.co.uk/PHPrp/check_holiday_costings2.php[/a]

Thanks in advance.

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