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Phing: building a list of sub directories

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I'm hoping someone with more experience with Phing than I have is going to tell that this is available functionality in Phing :)


I sure can't find it in the docs though.


What I want to do is this (note the comment):


	<available file="${project.root}/trunk" type="dir"/>
	<available file="${project.root}/tags" type="dir" />
	<available file="${project.root}/branches" type="dir"/>
	<input propertyname="svnChoice" validargs="trunk,tags,branches" message="Which would you like to use?"/>

		<not><equals arg1="${svnChoice}" arg2="trunk" /></not>
			<echo msg="Scanning for for available tags/branches"/>

			<!-- Somehow build a flat list of subdirs in ${project.root}/${svnChoice} 
				and bind it to property ${subDirs} -->

			<input propertyname="build.sourcedir" validargs="${subDirs}" message="Please make a choice from available ${svnChoice}:"/>

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