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Drop Down Menu Position

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I am having an issue with 1 certain page on my website where the dropdown menus don't align correctly as they do in the others. You can view the problem if you go to:

Login: NotTooHot
Pass: hotel5

That is an inactive made up account, so you can mess with it if you want.

Any how, when you first arrive at the site, all of the drop down menus work just fine. Once you log in though and are on the page, user_logged.php the tabs just go nuts. Do you need me to post the code or can you view it on the site? I can see it on the site by just right clicking and hitting view source, so I am guessing that everyone can.


Any Suggestions on why this doesn't look like the others?

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First, unless I missed it, you should put a "logout" link. I found
myself trapped as logged in.

But, the logged in page looked fine to me - I didn't see any problem.

I viewed it in IE and Firefox.

But, not being able to go back to the main page, I couldn't remeber exactly
what it looked like.

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